2015 ACS Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM)

Conference Chairs

General Co-Chairs

Joshua J. Pak, PhD.  Department of Chemistry, Idaho State University.  email pakjosh@isu.edu.  Office Phone 208-282-2612

Amy Hanks, MS, Department of Chemistry, BYU-Idaho.  Email: hanksa@byui.edu   Office Phone 208-496-7710


Program Chair

Eric J. Dufek. PhD.  Research Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory.  Email eric.dufek@inl.gov  Office Phone 208-526-2132


Awards Chair

Raymond P Anderson, PhD. Retired, Idaho National Laboratory. Email rpanderso@aol.com, Phone 208-522-6208.    



David C. Collins, PhD.  Department of Chemistry, BYU-Idaho.  Email: collinsd@byui.edu   Office Phone 208-496-7707