2015 ACS Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM)

Planned Symposia


Interfaces and Electrochemistry for Energy Applications and Beyond
Organizer: Tedd Lister, tedd.lister@inl.gov
Chemometric Developments and Applications
Organizer: John Kalivas, klijohn@isu.edu
Recent Advances in Organic Synthesis
Organizer: Todd Davis, todd.davis@usafa.edu
Organizer: Mike Thomas, mthomas@isu.edu
Emerging Trends in Actinide and Lanthanide Separations for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Organizer: Bruce Mincher, bruce.mincher@inl.gov
Inorganic Chemistry
Organizer: Joshua Pak, pakjosh@isu.edu
Physical Chemistry
Organizer: Rene Rodriguez, rodrrene@isu.edu
Analytical Chemistry
Organizer: Eric Dufek, eric.dufek@inl.gov
 Organic Chemistry
Organizer: Don Warner, dwarner@boisestate.edu

Active-Learning Strategies in the Chemistry Classroom
Organizer: Lisa Goss, gosslisa@isu.edu